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    As founders, we're usually the ones who get the credit. We're the trail-blazers, the innovators,...
    The mission of the Scottish Founders Survey is to highlight the views, experiences, and...
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    Scotland is at a crossroads. To have a high-growth startup ecosystem, there needs to be open, constructive feedback. To compete with world-class ecosystems, we must endeavour ourselves to be world-class. Just as founders of startups are chasing innovation, so too must the ecosystem as a whole.



    Through the Scottish Government's funding of the Tech Scalers programme and establishment of the office of Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, the first steps have been taken. Following this progress, Founders need a conduit to ensure their voices are heard in how everything from investment to professional services affect them and their businesses.



    It's with this energy that the Scottish Founders' Survey & Awards was founded. Through 4 themed surveys over the course of the year, we'll be asking founders directly to evaluate different elements of the ecosystem and highlight the leaders in investment, advising, professional service, and ecosystem support. We'll also provide clarity about things that need improvement, and don't serve the modern founder.


    If you're an early stage founder, please ensure your voice is heard and submit your survey before December 10.

  • 2023 Surveys

    Scottish Investor Survey


    Scottish Unsung Hero Survey


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    SFS doesn't take any funding from the Scottish Government, investors or other sources. It was started by founders as an independent survey to ensure objectivity.


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