Finishing the year off right: Unsung Heroes 2022

As founders, we're usually the ones who get the credit. We're the trail-blazers, the innovators, and the risk-takers pushing the envelope and creating new worlds. But we know that's not the whole story. No founder is an island, and we all need help along the way. Oftentimes that help, guidance, crucial connection, or nugget of advice that makes all the difference comes from someone who is energised by your success, who takes pride in helping you succeed, and who doesn't ask for recognition.

This quarter's founders survey celebrates those Unsung Heroes of the Scottish ecosystem who provide the vibrance of support, access, and expertise to founders across the country.

We received over 80 submissions as part of this survey and you can find the full list of relevant submissions here.

In the report we'll summarise the main themes and categories of submissions in order to celebrate those who help the Scottish ecosystem thrive. Quotes have been edited for spelling and grammar.


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